International Conference for Hutterite Educators
August 13-15, 2014

Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba

ICHE 2016

The organizing committee for the 2014 International Conference for Hutterite Educators is grateful for the opportunity to bring you another conference. Many of this year’s committee members were also part of the 2010 committee.

Our responsibility is not only organizing and hosting the 2014 conference, but also ensuring that the tradition of excellence in professional development for Hutterite educators continues. We still keenly feel the disappointment that all our leads and attempts to encourage another province or state to host a conference in 2012 failed; many educators here in Manitoba have strongly expressed their interest in traveling to other parts of Canada or the United States for ICHE.

We have also experienced the discomfort of having to ask our local business community too frequently for their financial support. Because we deeply appreciate their support, we are strongly motivated not to over do it!

We hope that a group of teachers will step forward from somewhere else in Hutterite-land to organize ICHE 2016. We pledge our support in several ways: 1. by advising them based on our positive and negative experiences, 2. by providing seed money to establish a foundation to grow from, and 3. by promoting the 2016 conference here in Manitoba.

We eagerly await hearing from interested groups or individuals.