International Conference for Hutterite Educators
August 13-15, 2014

Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Denise Gagne is coming to Winnipeg!

ICHE 2014 delegates can register for Denise's full-day workshop leading up to the conference for free. Contact the ICHE registrar for details.

Denise Gagne has taught instrumental, choral and classroom music from preschool to College levels . She has degrees in music and education, as well as Level 3 certification in both Kodaly and Orff. Denise has authored or edited many publications including the Musicplay K-6 curriculum.

Session 1 - Let’s Get them Singing
Many students come to school having heard only pop music for vocal models. How do you move those children out of chest voice and into the child’s head voice? Learn to use props, puppets and games that children love to help develop the singing voice. Activities in this session will include storybooks (Up Up Down), Melody the Elephant, the Jelly Bean Dance, spooky voices, Squeaky and Brown Bear puppets, yarn sound compositions, and some great new singing games.

Session 2 - Sensational Singing Games for K-6 Classrooms
Children everywhere love singing games. Teach rhythm and melody reading using your student’s favorite games! Teach social skills, multicultural material, and more through games! In this session, you’ll participate, play and have fun learning about music.

Session 3 - Listening Fun and Games
Have fun moving with scarves, paper plates, parachutes, ribbons, tennis balls and cups to music! You can make classical music listening the requested activity in your classroom with these fun activities! Apps and digital resources to help students learn even more from their listening experiences will be shared.

Session 4 - Rhythm Instrument Fun
Music specialists and classroom teachers will all have fun in this session playing shakers, sticks and triangles. Strategies for classroom management with instruments will be shared. Then, you’ll create sound effects to accompany story books, play along with pop songs and classical pieces, develop some great listening skills, and learn to read some rhythms.

Session 5 - Ideas for Choirs
In this session, you’ll get performance ideas for your choirs.

About the Facilitator: Denise Gagné, clinician, has taught music at all ages from babies to college level. She has degrees in music (B. Music University of Victoria) and education, as well as Level 3 in Kodaly and Orff. She has had additional Orff curriculum training with Jay Broeker. Denise has authored many elementary music publications including Musicplay K-6. Denise has been a workshop presenter in every Canadian province and territory, at more than 39 US state conferences and Orff Chapters. She has presented at national and international conferences in Canada, the USA, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Korea, and Singapore! Her workshops are fun, practical, and activity based!

On August 14 Denise Gagné will be presenting at the Hutterite Conference in Winnipeg. Teachers who are registered for the Hutterite conference, may attend the August 13th workshop day for free. At the Hutterite conference, Denise will be presenting other sessions, including the following.

Musicplay - Active Learning K-3
In this workshop, ideas for teaching and assessing K-3 musical concepts will be shared. Songs, games, and listening examples that can be used to teach and assess beat, accent, rhythms, meter, solfege, form, tempo, dynamics, and creating will be shared, and will be included in a comprehensive handout. Teachers will be given sample PowerPoints for use with computer/projectors or Smartboards in addition to the handout.